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Musician & Educator

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Francesco Becker-Schiavo is an inspiring musician from the UK with broad experience in his fields of musicianship and education. Having played the guitar since the age of 15 and been a part of various musical projects over the years, he has garnered himself a reputation of being a highly motivated and driven musician with a keen eye for detail.

His solo project, under his own name, blends the classic sounds of 70s rock with the modern precision of progressive music to create a wonderful harmony of old and new with a polished edge that invokes feelings of nostalgia and intrigue. Currently working on his debut solo album, with a slew of potential guest players lined up to add their stylings to the musical melting pot.

"UK based guitarist that you can trust to deliver high quality tuition. He created and implemented a solid curriculum that covered every base."

- Timothy Herring, The True School of Music.

"Francesco is an intuitive and knowledgable guitarist with a bright future ahead of him."

- Damien Morris, Brighton Institute of Modern Music.

"He is a dedicated musician with a real ear for detail. A real perfectionist when it comes to his instrument."

- Scott McGill

Having studied for years to perfect his craft and gained a teaching qualification he set out into the world to ply his craft and landed a role as the Head of the guitar department at the up and coming True School of Music in Mumbai, India. There he delivered high level classes to students of all ages and a barrage of masterclasses designed to educate musicians on the intricacies of rhythm in progressive music and the technicalities of setting up and taking care of your own guitar.

It was in the heart of Mumbai that he also began a second life as a session player doing both voiceover work for acclaimed Indian producers and guitar work for the likes of Ranjit Barot (John Mclaughlin) and Louis Banks (The Godfather of Indian Jazz). This continued upon his return to the UK where he was a regular member of the session circuit playing with various musicians at events and functions across the UK.

Interactive seminar on active listening within a dynamic music workshop.
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